How To Ace That Online Interview

Prep for hiring season with practical advice from industry experts


Modern-day job interviews are no longer what they used to be, now that your face-to-face could happen on a digital platform. But don't get intimidated! We've done the homework for you on how to approach tricky situations.

In telephone interviews or Skype calls without video, you can’t see your interviewer’s face. How do you build rapport?

Experts agree that since rapport-building handshakes and small talk aren't possible, you have to project energy and enthusiasm. “Instead of sitting hunched over the phone, walk around with a headset. You will sound more confident as you can project your voice better while standing, and your interviewer can hear if you’re smiling or not,” says Cecellia Telkes, chief trainer at Protocol & Etiquette Consultancy, an Australian firm with clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

The interviewer is being unpleasant, and you decide you’re no longer interested in the position.

Still, you need to remain polite. If you want to cut the interview short, Mike See, regional talent director (Asia) at global design company IDEO, suggests, “You could say ‘Thank you so much for this interview. From our exchange, I feel this is not quite the right opportunity for me. Shall we leave it here?’”

In this information age, should you be preparing for job interviews differently?

Do your due diligence before the interview. “Leverage all available tools to do background research. Talk to the company's former employees, customers, distributors and suppliers. Try LinkedIn, Google and which provide cultural insights based on anonymous employee reviews,” suggests See.

On top of your CV, build your credibility and show off your expertise through an updated LinkedIn profile you can enhance with images, videos and blog posts, advises Cheryl Liew, CEO of management and training consultancy Lifeworkz. She also suggests, “Pitch your strengths and your fit to the organisation, and make sure that all he points you make reinforce each other.”

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