This Is The Clothing You Could Soon Be Wearing

It will improve your health AND save the earth


Tech wearables aren’t exactly new, and so far they’ve mostly emerged in the form of accessories. But for sure, it’s only a matter of time before science and technology work their way into our clothing - and these examples show how exciting the possibilities can be!

1. Biometric-tracking bra

OmSignal, a Canadian company, is jumping into the fitness tracker market with a wearable that’s of a much more intimate nature than the likes of Fitbit or Jawbone. Its latest high-tech sportswear is designed not just to accurately capture your heart rate, breathing rate and calories burned (among other fitness metrics), but also to give the girls adequate and comfortable support while you’re working at pumping up those numbers.

And guess what? While it sounds like it could be a stiff, vest-like piece that no one would actually wear, it doesn’t seem that way judging from the photos released so far. In fact, we can hardly tell a difference between the OMbra and a regular sports bra. And priced at a reasonable US$149, this is a product that could very well take off, we think.

The OMbra is already in production (in limited quantities) with targeted delivery in spring this year, so if you want to guarantee yourself a piece, send them an email

2. Pollution-eliminating bikini

Imagine wearing a bikini that helps clean the ocean as you swim in it — makes you feel like some kind of superhero, doesn’t it? We’re talking about the Sponge Suit bikini designed by architecture and design firm Eray Carbajo and electrical engineering professor Mihri Ozka, which boasts a sponge-like material that absorbs oil contaminants and repels water, making it a great tool for water decontamination. Think of it as a form of crowdsourcing to clean the sea.

Not only is the sponge material recyclable and inexpensive to mass-produce, its high design adaptability makes for swimwear that’s sexy as hell. Now, it’s just a matter of shedding enough weight to fit into this two-piece.

3. Self-cleaning jeans

Are you one of those people who believe that you should never wash your jeans? Whether it’s out of sheer laziness or you’re genuinely trying to break in those denims, you’ll love this concept that San Francisco-based apparel company ODO has pitched on Kickstarter lately. 

Clothes that clean themselves — how is this amazing feat possible? It’s all down to science, apparently — silver fibres woven into the cotton fabric help combat odours, and a coating on the surface of the fabric helps repel liquid. The silver threads release an “infinite supply of positively charged silver ions”, which in turn penetrate odour-producing bacteria and disrupt the cell division, according to the company.

We’re sold on anything that cuts down housework. So won’t you help support this campaign, please?

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