Here's Why You Should Be Making Birthday Resolutions

You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day


We usually make our resolutions on New Year’s Day, to ring in a fresh start and a brand new chance to make things right and better ourselves. 

But you don’t need to reserve resolution-making to the start and end of the year. There’s no more apt time to reflect and think about what you want to do differently than when you get a year older on your birthday. Birthday resolutions also allow you to review your New Year’s resolutions, and see how you can improve on them. 

As turns one this month, we thought we’d list down the New Year’s resolutions we made, and how we’re going to tweak them to be more achievable, to become better people by the time we blow our next set of birthday candles.

1. New Year’s Resolution: Get fit

Birthday Resolution: Make healthier choices

Everyone makes the resolution to be fitter, stronger and leaner for New Year’s — that’s why gym memberships spike at the beginning of the year. But actually going to the gym and eating salads religiously is hard. Instead of stressing out over calorie counts, make simple lifestyle choices, like adding more vegetables to your plate of rice and walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift. These little steps weave small pockets of healthier living into your everyday life, and are much easier to achieve.

2. New Year’s Resolution: Save money

Birthday: Make wiser spending choices

We all tell ourselves we’ll save money — for that big purchase, for a new home, for rainy days — but it’s often difficult when we’re faced with every day expenditure and, well, the need for retail therapy. In addition to setting yourself a budget, make a conscious effort to make wiser spending choices every day. For example, choose to have lunch at a hawker centre instead of at a restaurant.

3. New Year’s Resolution: Stop procrastinating

Birthday Resolution: Just do it

Even the best of us have days where we feel that tracing the roots of the Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West drama is more important than whatever we’re currently doing. Instead of thinking you need to find motivation to complete your work, the best way to beat procrastination is to just keep working, even if you feel sluggish. By working even when you don't feel like it, you’ll eventually pick up speed and actually get something done without losing momentum.

4. New Year’s Resolution: Be happy

Birthday Resolution: Be grateful 

We’re all in the pursuit of happiness, but the thing about life is there will always be times where we'll be happy, and some where we’ll be overcome with sadness and anger. Instead of chasing this ideal of being constantly full of joy, accept it when bad things happen and try to find something to be grateful about even in your darkest times. It won’t magically make whatever’s bothering you disappear, but you’ll gain a deeper, wider perspective, and a greater control over your emotions.

5. New Year’s Resolution: Travel more

Birthday Resolution: Travel alone

There’s really nothing quite as awesome as leaving all your worries, hopping onto a plane and exploring a new place. Instead of planning another shopping trip to Bangkok or Paris with your girlfriends, take the leap and travel alone. It’s scary, but travelling alone will leave you with greater freedom to experience new things and learn more about yourself.

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