Here's What Happened When We Pestered Siri About Jon Snow's Fate

We think it's good news, or maybe we're just still in denial


Game of Thrones will be back on the telly in less than a week, and the buzz is growing again as we reschedule appointments to keep next Monday night free (9pm is the magic hour!). We've been very disciplined when it comes to avoiding any social media associated to the million-dollar Jon Snow question, but we have succumbed to checking out Siri's evasive replies. However, we've been less than satisfied, so we've made it our mission to dig even deeper. Here's what went down.

Siri, is Jon Snow dead?

"I don't know, I just hope someone is setting up doggie daycare for Ghost."

"Well, you know what they say to Death... Not today! But why would tomorrow be better? Anyway, I'm not exactly sure."

"Here's what I found on the web for 'Is Jon snow from Game of Thrones dead'"

"'Dead is dead'. Or is it 'What's dead may never die?' No, wait, 'Death is so terribly final'? I give up."

"I'm not sure. Has he tried restarting? That always seems to work."

 Is Jon Snow still alive?

"Interesting question."

Where is Jon Snow?

"I'm not sure what you said."

"I didn't quite get that."

"Did you mean Jon Gwee?"

 Is Jon Snow coming back to Game of Thrones?

"Ok, I found this on the web for ' Is Jon Snow coming back to Game of Thrones?"

Is Jon Snow going to marry Daenerys to fulfill the Fire & Ice prophecy so they can kill the White Walkers?

"Interesting question..."

After about 30 minutes, we gave up. It looks like we won't be getting any answers till next week, at least. And oh Siri? You're such a tease. And you know nothing. But we love you anyway.


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