Here’s The Best Video You’ll See Today

Run, Chickaboo, run!


Call us crazy - but this week, nothing has said “TGIF!” more than a runaway ostrich. 

You may have already seen the viral video showing the large bird on the far right lane of Kuala Lumpur’s Federal Highway, running alongside motorists as they zoomed by and for the most part, sticking to her lane (which is more than we can say for some drivers).

A film set caper gone wrong, or a publicity stunt? Nah, this was simply a case of a bird gone rogue.

The ostrich has since been identified as a pet called Chickaboo, which escaped from a vehicle with an open window as its owner Darren Chow was taking it back to the farm it was born at. Thankfully, she was safely captured and returned to Chow, who told Channel NewsAsia, “She was tired and rested next to the drain. I went over to her and she recognised me, and was very happy to see me.”

Poor Chickaboo, she must have gotten quite a scare! But she certainly provided us with unexpected entertainment - just the thing to close our hectic week with.


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