Here Are The 72 New Emojis Coming Your Way Soon

Days of typing “fingers crossed” and “facepalm” are over


Earlier this year, we talked about the new emojis that are heading our way. Great news for text-addicts: they’re FINALLY here.

According to Emojipedia, Unicode will be releasing 72 new emojis on 21 June.

This means that for the first time, we’ll be able to send expressions like face-palm, shrug, fingers crossed and a fist-pound in pictorial form.

Other highly anticipated emojis include avocados and bacon, and we foresee the innuendo-friendly carrot and courgette joining the playful ranks of their eggplant buddy.

Last month, Google employees proposed to include more professional female figures – something that has yet to be addressed in the upcoming update. There have been some baby steps taken towards gender equality, however, with the introduction of the gender pairs:  


New emojis include Mrs Claus, Male Dancer, Prince and Man In Tuxedo 

My personal favourites? The clinking glasses and whiskey glass (perfect for weekends), bacon (finally!!!) and the clown face - perfect, of course, for terrorising friends with coulrophobia.

Photos: Unicode Consortium

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