Dear Singapore, This Is The Best Way To Get Legally Buzzed

Say hello to the Singapore Coffee Festival


Caffeine addicts of Singapore unite! If you haven’t already heard, we’re in for an intoxicating treat when the country’s first coffee-centric festival happens 10 to 12 June.

Celebrating Singapore’s specialty coffee, local kopi and cafe lifestyle, the Singapore Coffee Festival promises to be an eye-opening (literally - thanks to all that caffeine!) experience.

Here are five of many reasons to be part of it.

#1 You’ll go down in history

More than 100 exhibitors from the coffee and café industry will be there - an unprecedented gathering of local java fiends. Join in, raise your cup to Singapore’s rich kopi heritage and make some like-minded pals while you’re at it!

#2 There’ll be plenty to eat and drink

Event partners include some of Singapore’s fave local joints, such as Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Common Man Coffee Roasters, The Golden Duck and Lorgan & Sons, all of which will be offering up their best roasts from around the world, cold brews and more. Coffee aside, there’ll be yummy bites too, like gourmet Salted Egg Potato Crisps and fudge chocolate cookies.

#3 You can take part in fun workshops

Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee can be learnt here from educational lab sessions conducted by experts, to how to make create latte art.

#4 Unwind to cult films and cool grooves

As you’re enjoying your fifth kopi o siew dai, you can enjoy film screenings and live music - Singapore style, of course.

#5 Be a barista for a day

Get tips from the pros as they show you different brew methods and how to create magic in a cup.

Ready to get buzzed? It’s all happening at the F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, from 10 to 12 June. Click here to find out more about the Singapore Coffee Festival, and here to get your tickets. Admission fees start at $13.

Photo:, @oheyitsnat

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