Have You Discovered The Best Anime Ever?

No plans all weekend? Stay in and watch Samurai Champloo


Picture this: an anime series with boorish male protagonists and a doe-eyed teahouse dumplings-serving waitress, dubbed in ghetto-style American English and set in the Edo era yet backed by a hip-hop soundtrack. What's not to love?

We're a little #latetotheparty, but we're enjoying the critically-acclaimed anime series, Samurai Champloo, now available on Youtube. Yes, all 26 episodes, for no-cost viewership. A tale of Mugen (a ronin), Jin (a vagabond with a sideline as a fried eel vendor) and Fuu (a spirited teenager) as they journey across Japan to find "the samurai  who smells of sunflowers", it debuted in Japan back in 2004, to much fanfare.

We don't know which we love more - the series premise, the awesome theme song BattleCry (by Japanese producer Nujabes) or the fact that Mugen fights like a breakdancing assassin. Maybe it's also how the series has motley characters such as Pervy Guard (he works in a prison) and Hotaru, a red lipstick-wearing, sexy female assassin with a Kill Bill vibe.

But what really ties it all together is the trippy soundtrack; despite the apparent disconnect between the action on the screen, it all works - the music enhances plot twists, fight scenes and everything in between.Intrigued? Click here to start watching.

Photos: fansshare.com 

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