Happy Birthday, Kevin Bacon!

As one of ELLE’s favourite actors blows out his birthday candles, we look at how he’s almost the centre of the entertainment universe


One of the most respected actors of his generation, Kevin Bacon turns 56 today. His award-winning body of work (over 65 movies, and counting) is coveted by his peers, and spans musical dramas (Footloose) and comedies (She’s Having A Baby), dark thrillers (Sleepers) and blockbusters (X-Men: First Class). His boyish, good looks also make him easy on the eye.

Great movies aside, Bacon is most associated with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon ─ which celebrates its 21st anniversary this year. Created by three college students after they consecutively watched two of Bacon’s movies, the game is hailed as one of the earliest discoveries of how social media connects every person in the world via six mutual friends.

Since then, it has launched a site, the Oracle of Bacon, which allows you to type in an actor’s name to see his or her Bacon number ─or the degrees of separation between them. Google now takes it one step easier: You can simple type “Bacon number” followed by an actor’s name.

In honour of Bacon’s special day, play along! Make your commute home more fun by downloading the Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Separation app on your phone, and test your Hollywood knowledge by clicking your way through actors and movies to see if you can get to him in only six links. Alternatively, go to www.zimbio.com and take the online quiz How Good Are You At Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? for more surprises.

Along the way, discover how he’s connected to the likes of Ryan Gosling, Kim Kardashian, Jon Stewart and Emma Watson. Have fun!

Photo: TPGNews/ClickPhoto

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