Haha! LOL Is No Longer Hip

Facebook suggests that if you don’t want to show your age, it’s time you e-laugh with “haha” or “hehe”


The social network gods have spoken: Haha has killed the LOL star. This is based on a US-wide study of how people laugh online, done by researchers at Facebook who analysed a week of posts to see which forms of expressions are most popular among certain users.

The results are no joke. Up to 15 per cent of people include laughter in a post or a comment. And according to sampling data, the most commonly-used term to express amusement now is “haha” and its variants, which enjoy 51.4 per cent of use. It’s followed closely by the laughter emoji (33.7 per cent) and “hehe” (13.1 per cent). “LOL” limped in at an embarrassing 1.9 per cent. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Other findings include how men prefer “hehe”, and younger users and women favour “haha” or the laughter emoji. Also, those who use “hehe” and “LOL” tend to be older (read: In their 30’s and up).

LOL’s demise follows the previously popular “rotfl” (rolling on the floor laughing), “pmsl” (pissing myself laughing) and “lmao” (laughing my a** off), which were de rigueur back in the halcyon days. Now, with the rise of the emojis, who can determine the shelf life of “haha”? Till then — RIP, LOL.

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