Gross Things Girls Secretly Love Doing For Their Men

Don’t worry, you’re normal


At an ELLE editorial meeting recently, one staffer confessed to enjoying helping her boyfriend clean out his ears. She said it hesitantly, ashamedly, then sat back to receive what she thought would be shocked responses from the rest of the team.

Instead, one by one, we all admitted to similar gross yet guilty pleasures. Then we did a straw poll among our readers – as it turns out, you (and we!) have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting satisfaction from, uh, prying stuff out of our guys’ crevices.

Because if practically everyone is doing it, it’s normal, right?

Below, the top five gross-guilty pleasures women who took part in our poll said they secretly enjoy.

1. Cleaning out our man’s ears

“Peering into my boyfriend’s ears and finding gunk to dig out gives me a maternal sense of satisfaction,” shared reader Cheryl S, who was quick to add, “Don’t judge!”

2. Tweezing his chin hairs

“Getting the tiniest hairs out with my super sharp tweezers is such a joy,” said SY Ng. “Bonus points if the roots come out too. And lining up all the plucked hairs in neat rows also satisfies my OCD side, ha ha!”

3. Picking his nose for him

Uh, for real. One reader who didn’t want to be named confessed to being obsessed with helping her partner keep his nose clean, “especially when we travel to places where the air is polluted - there’s so much more to clear there!”


4. Cleaning out his toejam

“Can’t stop, won’t stop,” admitted Faz M. “I love getting around and between with a toothpick. There’s so much stuff gathered underneath the nails, and it’s gratifying to help someone dig it all out. Um, I also sniff the stinky stuff sometimes…it’s strangely addictive.”

5. Squeezing his whiteheads

“If you think squeezing out your own whiteheads is cathartic, try doing it on your man,” said Chan YY. “It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and is way better therapy than vacuuming the house!”

What’s your guilty pleasure? Email us at if you have something to share!

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