Google Wants You To Stop Procrastinating

“I don’t have time” is no longer acceptable

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We’ve all been there: Setting up an elaborate fitness plan with the determination of a newly appointed Victoria’s Secret model, and then slowly (or immediately) failing to live up to your goals. Well, Google knows the struggle, and Google wants to help.

The tech company has recently introduced Goals, a new feature for its Calendar app that helps you find time in your schedule for meeting personal goals – like running twice a week or going for yoga.

Simply create your goal (“work out more”), answer a few follow-up questions like “how often?” and “best time?” and you’re set. Google Calendar will automatically block out time for you to fulfill your plan. If there’s a last minute conflicting event in your plan, Calendar will automatically reschedule the goal. If you defer a goal, Calendar will make time for it later. In other words, Goals will help you break out of the procrastination cycle.

Thanks to an intuitive machine learning process, the app will grow to learn your schedule and preferences, so as to set realistic goals that make sense for you without your intervention. For example, the Calendar will stop scheduling goals on Wednesday evenings when you consistently cancel events in favour of Happy Hour.

Download the Google Calendar app for Android or iPhone and set your first goal!

Photos: Google

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