Girls Of Now: How To Have It All

Yummy mummies Charmaine Seah-Ong and Teo Jia En show us the secrets to winning at life


Charmaine Seah-Ong and Teo Jia En might just be the epitome of #lifegoals. Each has a successful career (Seah-Ong is the co-founder of marketing consultancy Elementary Co and designer dress rental service RMBR The Dress, while Teo is the co-founder of accommodation community Roomorama), a very Instagrammable jet-setting lifestyle, and really photogenic kids.

So how do they juggle so many responsibilities so well? Check out their secrets here.

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Charmaine Seah-Ong, 32, @eleventhour

What’s the best way to unwind after a long day?
I love to take long hot showers after a long day of work. Just massaging and washing my hair instantly relaxes me. Then I’ll head to the balcony and have a glass of wine in the quiet — it’s true when they say new mothers love their wine.

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Teo Jia En, 33, @roomoramamascot

How is it you manage to look totally un-mumsy and more chic than most of us?
1. Avoid those velcro diaper bags with 10,000 compartments! There are plenty of roomy totes or stylish leather bags that can also hold all your baby’s things.

2. Wear heels every now and then, even when you’re pregnant. Heels instantly dress up any outfit and prevent you from slouching or waddling.

3. During my pregnancies, I found vests and waistcoats paired with a body-hugging tank or tank dress to be a great way to show off a bump, yet hide any extra weight gained elsewhere.

4. Just because you’re a busy mom, don't forget to groom. Go out and get your brows neatened, your nails done, and enjoy a facial every now and then! If you need to, bring your child along to your appointments. It’s not always easy, especially once they start running around — but an hour of nursery rhymes on your phone will do the trick.

5. I always make it a point to have my clothes fit well. Well-fitting clothes make you look and feel sharper and more confident. If an outfit doesn't fit well, I bring it to a tailor and see what magic they can perform on it.

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