Girl We Love: Ronda Rousey

The American MMA fighter and current UFC women's bantamweight champ is proof that strong is sexy


Call her the Wonder Woman of her generation – the world just watched in awe as MMA fighter Ronda Rousey KO-ed her opponent Bethe Correira in 34 seconds flat at the recent Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) 190 title fight in Rio de Janeiro.

After Correia took a hard hit to the right temple and crumpled onto the mat, referee John McCarthy was quick to declare that Rousey had retained her championship belt. This is the 28-year-old’s third straight win that took less than a minute, after two earlier matches that clocked 16 seconds and 14 seconds, respectively.

Rousey, nicknamed The Arm Collector, has been credited for putting mixed martial arts (MMA) on the map, a trailblazer who can rock a designer dress and heels as effortlessly as she demolishes her opponents in a cage fight. Till her, women weren’t included in UFC competitions; she has challenged the notion that girls can’t train alongside men in martial arts gyms around the world.

Now, her win has set social media on fire. Men are posting pictures or videos of her with hashtags like #myfuturewife, while women hail her for being fearless and an inspiration to start finding their own fighting forms.

The next time you see Rousey, however, will probably not be on the mat, but the big screen. The former Olympic judo medallist, who’s appeared in films like The Expendables 3, Entourage and Furious 7, has scored roles in horror comedy Portal to Hell!!! and action flick Mile 22, alongside Mark Wahlberg and Indonesian actor and stuntman Iko Uwais. Watch out.

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