Get Unplugged On Your Next Vacay

Digital detox is trending in holidays


Digital detox has become so popular, there are now travel websites dedicated to tour packages that help (or force) you to detach from your mobile devices. In an era when text neck is one of the most common modern ailments and mobile use is ageing us, a short reprieve now and then from tech attachment is a necessity (and, in some cases, a luxury).

Whether you are hooked on social media or have to constantly stay connected for work, excessive device use doesn’t benefit our health. With adults spending more time online than they are asleep and work intruding on our every waking hour, it won’t be long before we feel the full impact of accumulated tech stress. 

These retreats may be situated in different parts of the world, but they all have one thing in common — get ready to surrender all your mobile devices on arrival.

1. Kushunada Retreat

In the seaside city of Atami in Japan, just 50 minutes away from Tokyo by bullet train, you’ll find this oasis of calm with a digital detox programme that has been recommended by international media. This is where you can concentrate on slowing down, via activities including tea ceremonies and meditation sessions.

2. Digital Detox Retreats

This company organises retreats at various destinations and tailors programmes to make the most of each location. They are designed to keep participants physically active and impart knowledge about mindfulness. Sign up for the next session in Puglia, Italy, and you’ll be able to enjoy a scenic stay at an 18th-century masseria.

3. Jacada Detox Safari

The best way to get away from tech stress is to go where there is no wi-fi or even phone connection at all. Choose from a variety of African safari stays — from mobile camps that take you on a trip following migrating zebras to river camps where you’ll see animals quenching their thirst right outside your tent.

4. Alila Villas Soori, Bali

Those who prefer to stay closer to home can opt for Alila Villa’s Digital Detox Weekend. Life coach Lyndall Mitchell will impart practical skills for cutting stress away from your life, and finding a healthy balance between staying connected and switching off. Of course, you can expect to be treated to pampering spa treatments as well.

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