George Young & Janet Hsieh Have Marital Advice For You

Like “don’t marry a dog” and “get a second toilet”


We’ve heard a few friends wonder aloud whether the George X Janet marriage would last beyond the first couple of months, and we totally get it. It’s not because any of these (truly nice) people wishes them ill, but because the pair seems just too darn perfect for the fairytale to continue without hitting a snag. Which other couple is that ridiculously good-looking, hilarious and yet so…real?

Yet here we are, at the doorstep of their first-year wedding anniversary in January, and both TV personalities (Hsieh hosts the TLC travel show Fun Taiwan, while Young is filming the upcoming US TV series Containment) seem even more blissful than ever, judging by their Instagram pics.

Obviously they know a thing or two about marriage and keeping the flame alight despite being on different continents most of the time. (“Our marital home is Planet Earth right now!” Young says. “It’s a very nice place, very roomy.”) So we decided to ask them for some marital advice. Kids, do try this at home.

1. Key tip to making your dream wedding come true

She says: Lower your expectations. We all have an ideal or dream wedding, but there will be little things here and there that may go wrong. Don’t focus on the things that DIDN’T happen and instead, focus and enjoy the moment. Even a rainy day can be a “dream” wedding if you and your friends and family are having the best time of your lives. 

He says: Marry the biggest dreamer you know. Who then tells everyone to lower their expectations.

2. One piece of advice on how to survive your own wedding

She says: On the day of the wedding, make sure you have somebody you can trust 100 per cent to make all the small decisions and handle the event. You just focus on enjoying the day itself and spending time with your friends and family.

He says: Don’t argue with the fianceé.

3. How to pick a good honeymoon destination

She says: Try and think of the complete opposite of the marriage destination. (They got married in Antarctica.)

He says: Maybe not polar opposite in our case. Otherwise we’d end up in the North Pole and that would be kinda similar, save for the occasional polar bear.

She says: We probably aren’t the best people to ask, though. We haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet (ahem, George!). But we’re thinking of doing the opposite thing of going from A to Z. So, we have a few options: Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Zambia, Zheleznodorozhny (Russia)...

4. Most essential thing in a marriage

She says: Trust.

He says: Love. Would’ve said trust but it turns out Janet betrayed that slightly by pulling my towel away from me last time she was in Atlanta, leaving me standing there naked in front of Chris Wood (of Vampire Diaries fame, and also a Containment castmate). 

5. Best marital advice you’ve gotten

She says: You know, I don’t know if anybody has really given me marriage advice before! In all honesty, most people just kind of assume that George and I have a perfect marriage and that we’re 100 per cent compatible with each other. I guess it would be the typical things like: Compromise; agree to disagree; the wife is always right etc. But the marriage advice I’d give to anybody who asked would be: Communicate. Do whatever it takes to talk, chat, converse, share, exchange information…you get the idea.

He says: Marry your best friend. Unless it’s a dog, or a human that’s not currently in tune with your sexual preference. I gave myself that sage advice.

6. One thing you’ve learned about maintaining a long-distance relationship

She says: It sucks, but it makes you really efficient. When we’re apart, I work my butt off so that I can take off a week for vacation to see George. And when we’re together, we try to make the most of every moment. We solve our arguments very quickly because it’s a waste of our precious time to stay angry at each other for too long.

He says: Whilst you’re apart, you need constant communication through the most reliable and convenient technology that’s available to us. I’ve found that technical difficulties with video/Internet calls can cause the most problems in keeping up the long-distance relationship. 

7. What you do when you miss each other while you’re apart

He says: We get in touch virtually; virtually and often. I also eat very dark chocolate to replace the missing feels.

She says: I try and keep as busy as possible with work, social gatherings, travelling, or I just pester George with a million messages, emails and links to funny videos that I’ve found online. The Internet is my chocolate. 

8. Most important piece of furniture in a marital home

He says: The bed! And maybe a second toilet.

She says: DEFINITELY a second toilet. And maybe we should start with a home first? 

9. Biggest difference between being married and dating

He says: The jewellery.

She says: George is making it sound like I’m suddenly asking him to buy me tons of jewellery to wear. What he means is that now, we both wear a wedding ring. Other than that, there’s not much difference. I assume that the biggest change will be when we’re finally living in the same home for more than two weeks at a time.

10. Your first year of marriage in five words

She says: George is too far away. AND: Been fun so far. Yay!

He says: So far, yet so good.

Watch the couple’s journey to their Antarctica altar – via Taipei, Texas, Buenos Aires – in Fun Taiwan All-Stars: Wedding Special every Saturday, premiering 24 November at 8pm Singapore time on TLC (StarHub Ch 427/Singtel Ch 254).

Photos: TLC

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