Gary Barlow Can't Wait To Come To Singapore

He will be joined by Mark Owen and Howard Donald to play their first Singapore concert in over 20 years


Take That is now a trio. How has that been like? 

Gary Barlow I have to say it has been brilliant. We’ve known each other for 25 years now, but don’t tell anybody. We’re having great, great fun. There wasn’t really the option of stopping and not performing anymore. 

Describe the new Take That sound…

GB The touring side has changed the most, because visually, the shape of the band is different. But in the studio, we still take turns to do lead vocals and we generally share the backgrounds. There hasn’t been much change musically, but we felt that we had something to prove when we come back because we were presenting Take That as a trio. It was challenging and we really pushed ourselves.

You’ve been in the business for so long now. What continues to drive you and your creativity?

GB I am lucky enough to say I love what I do, so much. It gets me out of bed every single morning, and I hope I can do it for the rest of my life. I love the live performing, the writing, every aspect of it. That’s what continues to make me feel creative and make new music.

How has Take That been part of British pop music’s evolution?

GB I think British music is, of course, brilliant... though I feel like bands in general have gone a bit quiet. We’re known for our Beatles-esque sounding three- or four-piece rock/pop outfits and we’re maybe a bit short on that.

But we’ve got amazing talent like Ed Sheeran and Adele and Sam Smith. I tend not to think of us as contributing to British music; we just do what we do… we hope we bring joy to people. I’m sure if you asked Ed Sheeran what he thinks of his contribution, he’d be shy to answer, really. 

Will there be any interesting collaborations we can look forward to in the near future?  

GB I think we’re always open to collaborations, whether it’s with producers or other writers. The idea of working with other artistes is always inspiring. And actually, if you think about it, something we’ve not done for a while. So I think possibly if there’s one prediction I make for Take That, it’s there should be a collaboration. So look out for it!

What can we expect at your Singapore concert?

GB There’s one thing we love and that’s being in concert. We did quite a few months of touring last year and played many shows, 60 I think. It’s just the best bit. And it’s the bit of course that we get to see our beautiful audience. We’re really looking forward to it. It’ll be a lively set list, I imagine.

How do you feel about coming back here? 

GB We toured Singapore over 20 years ago! I’m extremely excited to be back because we should have been back much sooner, so I apologise to everyone who’s been waiting for us. We’re extremely excited, and I’m looking forward to the weather — how about that! We’re in the middle of winter here in the UK so I’m really looking forward to a little bit of Singapore sunshine.

Take That performs at Sentosa Golf Club – Driving Range on 5 Mar, 8pm. Tickets at $138 to $348 are available at Sistic, with complimentary entry to the HSBC Women’s Champions 2016 Golf Tournament on the same day. Their album, III, is also available here.

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