Games To Play For A Fun Home Date

Who said staying in is boring?


Yes, there are other ways to enjoy couple time at home besides whipping up a sumptuous dinner before snuggling up for movie night. Why not play a game or two with your boo? Here are a few ideas for twosomes looking for some amusement — guaranteed to liven up this V-day weekend for both of you.

1. Get liquored up

You’ve prepared the booze — why not put it to creative use? Drinking games aren’t just for large groups, they can be great fun for twosomes too. A round of Flip, Sip or Strip or Never Have I Ever never fails to amp up the party mood, and will work like a charm for a date night too. Click here for more inspiration.

2. Take a zany quiz

Think you knew everything about each other? Wait till you take The Test. Take on hundreds of questions ranging from the bizarre to outrageous, and guess each other’s answers – guaranteed to reveal surprising things about your other half and fill the night with plenty of laughs.

3. Game on your mobiles

Here’s an activity that will have you yelling at each other. Spaceteam is a cooperative game that requires you to shout “technobabble” at each other until your ship explodes. Each of you will be assigned a random control panel with buttons and switches, which you’ll need to operate according to time-sensitive instructions. Problem is, the instructions may be sent to your partner, so you guys will have to coordinate before the time runs out. Also, the ship is falling apart. And you're trying to outrun an exploding star. Almost too much excitement for a romantic night.

4. Get nostalgic

Revisit the classic games you’ve played in your childhood — Pictionary, Scrabble, Boggle, Twister, or whatever old board game you may have tucked away in your storeroom. This could be the first time you’re playing these long-forgotten games with each other — doesn’t that qualify as something new a couple can do?

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