Game Of Thrones Questions We Desperately Need Answered

Stop toying with our feelings, HBO


Warning: Stop reading if you have not watched Season 5 of Game of Thrones.

The Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones left me going through all five stages of grief at once (yes, I’m referring to that scene when Jon Snow was stabbed to death), which included disturbing child-murdering urges and blind rage whenever “George R. R. Martin” is mentioned.

But just as I’ve come to terms that my favourite curly-haired, nothing-knower heartthrob is gone for good, mastermind torturer HBO released a teaser trailer and poster two months ago that hinted otherwise.

Talk about twisting the knife in my gut.

Well, it’s finally April now, which means I only need to hold my breath for another, gasp, 23 days before the Season 6 premiere on HBO. With the series’ penchant for sadistic plot twists still haunting me every night, here are some questions that we really hope will get answered in the upcoming season.

What is the catch for Jon Snow’s revival?

We’re all assuming that Jon Snow will rise from the dead, but what are the conditions for his revival? #ValarMorghulis

Will Olly be punished for his treacherous crime?

There were no juvenile court or child protection services back then, right?

Where have you been, Bran???

The cast has strict confidentiality clauses against discussing the storyline, but it won’t stop us from interrogating Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran Stark, for answers. Look out for our interview story next week!

And also, where is baby Stark?

Rickon Stark has not been seen since Season 3, and I need as many Starks alive as possible (including Benjen Stark, their long-missing uncle).

Will Jaime go on full Taken mode to avenge his daughter?

It was heart-wrenching to watch Jaime Lannister’s daughter Myrcella dying in his arms, and it would help ease the pain if he looks, finds, and kills Ellaria Sand.

Will Cersei orchestrate an epic takedown of the High Sparrow?

Preferably with a glass of wine in her hand, of course. Nobody messes with the pixie-haired Queen.

Did The Hound really die?

After all the Jon Snow teasers, I don’t trust ambiguous deaths anymore.

Can Tyrion handle Meereen?

The witty imp ruling #likeaboss will inject some much-needed humour in the intense series.

Will Jorah ever get out of the friendzone?

Perhaps absence will make the (Khaleesi’s) heart fonder?

When will Dany reach Westeros?

This has been a reeeally draggy revenge plotline, plus it’d be really cool to watch her sit on the Iron Throne.

Here’s something to whet your appetite while you count down to the premiere: Experience a virtual reality experience powered by Oculus Rift that will take you on a journey up the Wall at The Game Of Thrones Experience: Worlds Of Westeros installation. Step into a physical recreation of Castle Black and reach the top of the Wall to look out to the Seven Kingdoms, or check out the land beyond the Wall.

The Game Of Thrones Experience: Worlds Of Westeros runs from April 2 to 7, 10am to 10pm, at ION Orchard, Basement 4 Atrium. Admission is free. Catch the new sixth season of Game Of Thrones starting April 25 at 9am (encore telecast at 9pm) on HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601), HBO GO and HBO On Demand.

Photos: HBO

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