Facebook Could Help Mend Broken Hearts

Because unfriending and blocking are so yesterday


The relationship is over. You’re well and truly broken up and you’re trying to mend your shattered heart. You want to move on with life, but you and your ex have a shared social circle and reminders of him taunt you almost daily on social media. You’ve considered unfriending or blocking him, but that seems petty. So what’s a girl to do?

Thankfully, the good peeps at Facebook are testing new features that will make sure you avoid your ex in your news feed. And it’s all pretty simple: When you change your relationship status to “single”, you can choose to see less of his name and even profile picture. The beauty of this? His posts and pictures won’t show, and neither will his name pop up as a suggestion when you want to tag your own posts, videos or photos.

Thinking of cleaning up your FB account to remove all traces of him? You can untag yourself from all his posts and photos from before, and he would be none the wiser. This is especially helpful now that FB has introduced “Memories” reminders that shows posts from up to three years ago.

This service is newly available for mobile users in the United States, but we have a feeling it go global in no time. Think of all the 3am drunk-dialling ‘accidents’ that can be avoided!

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