ELLE Power Player: Rosalyn Lee

We applaud the Lush 99.5FM DJ for fearlessly being who she is


Rozz Lee is famous for many things, though lately her 24-year-old boyfriend Justin Vanderstraaten has quickly overtaken everything on that list. But what we like most about the 36-year-old is how direct, honest and immensely quotable she is.

It’s no surprise that her relationship has raised eyebrows; what’s unexpected is that it has also 
inspired others to pursue their heart’s desires. “We have, without trying, become a symbol for
 atypical relationships where [a large] age gap is frowned upon by societal norms. Uhm, glad to be of service!” she says, staying positive.

“I feel powerful whenever I don’t succumb to peer pressure, and go against the flow. We only have one shot at life. Carpe the f****** diem and live life to the fullest of our abilities,” says Lee.  This year, she has crossed over to acting, which she has previously expressed zero interest in. But while she reluctantly auditioned for the Channel 5 drama, Premonition (which premiered 27 July), at the insistence of the director, she successfully bagged the lead role of Belinda — a rookie cop who struggles after being implicated 
in her policeman father’s corruption.

“She [Belinda] and I are so similar 
in that both our fathers chose to leave 
us… It was a pretty intense month of shooting — a cathartic experience,” says Lee. She reminds us that one role in a TV drama doesn’t make her an actress, although she’s now keen to have another go, hopefully in a second season of the series. So, what really is her dream job then? “If I get to host a TV show about 
rock bands or music, that’d be it.”

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