Ease The Bloat With One Yoga Pose

And other essential asanas that will solve everyday problems


Yoga provides a great workout, but did you know that it’s a simple solution to many common complaints related to stress as well? It’s amazing how the ancient form of exercise can effectively relieve modern-day health problems in a matter of minutes.

Don’t believe us? Try these beginner-level asanas (make sure you have a yoga mat on hand and no major health issues that will stop you from doing them) and you’ll soon understand why so many people are addicted to these poses.  

1. Indigestion and bloating

Knees-to-chest pose (Pavanamuktasana)

With a Sanskrit name that literally means wind-releasing pose, this really gets the gases in your stomach going. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself breaking some (or a lot of) wind. The pose gently massages the abdominal organs, releasing tension in the belly and lower back. 

2. Lower back pain

Bridge pose (Setu bandha sarvangasana)

The bridge pose stretches the neck and spine and really unfurls those kinks in the lower back. At the same time, it builds muscular strength in your back and also helps tighten that butt.

3. Insomnia

Child pose (Balasana)

This resting pose helps disengage your back muscles and is super calming for the mind. Especially good if you find yourself in a restless state before bedtime.


4. Saggy jowls

Cobra (Bhujangasana)

While the cobra pose is mainly targeted at working the neck and back, it also offers beautifying side benefits. As you are holding the pose, you’ll find that it also stretches the neck muscles and tightens the facial muscles, which could help you maintain a defined jawline.

5. Shoulder and neck pain

Rabbit pose (Sasangasana)

This pose stretches out the spine slowly, helping to maintain flexibility of the spine and relieving pain in the neck and upper back area. It also brings blood to brain and will help improve mental focus. 

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