DIY Love Potions For The Weekend

What could taste more decadent than a boozy, homemade cocktail?


Staying in this Valentine's? While you're taking pains to whip up a great meal for your significant other, don't overlook the next best thing you can do: 'Open' your own bar. It's cheaper than heading out and paying an eye-watering amount for a diluted alternative, and most of all, it's fun! Another plus: There's no need to try and summon a GrabCar driver when you can't even stand up straight. And if you happen to find yourself in a one-thing-leads-to-another moment, you have all the -ahem!- privacy you need. Here are five boozy options to consider, depending on your penchant for imbibing one of life's greatest pleasures - alcohol. Salut!

1. For the couple who hardly drink

Drink: Cherry Popper. If you both aren't really fans of alcohol or want to start things slow, this fruity drink is a good option. It's easy on the palate and won't get you light-headed even if you gulp three glasses down quickly. Burp.

Recipe: Mix half part cherry liquer with four parts of Sprite into a glass of ice. 

Strength rating: 2/10

2. For the couple who enjoys a drink now and then

Drink: Mint Julep. A classic you don't really see at bars any more, this is said to be the official drink down south in the US. Tasty and refreshing, it tickles the palate but also offers a good kick. Hic!

Recipe: Muddle the 4 fresh mint leaves, 1 tsp powdered sugar and 2 tsps water. Fill the glass with cracked ice, then add 2 oz Bourbon whiskey. Stir well until the glass starts frosting up, then garnish with sprigs of mint leaves. 

Strength rating: 4/10

3. For the couple who loves a good buzz

Drink: Dirty martini, said to be the drink of choice for the sophisticated woman. It gets the "dirty" from its name from the use of olives, or olive juice, which turns crystal-clear alcohol slightly murky. The beauty of this drink is your base alcohol can also be gin, which is the traditional choice. Yum!

Recipe: Add 3 parts vodka and half part dry vermouth into a mixer glass filled with ice. Stir and then strain into a cocktail glass, then garnish with olives.

Strength rating: 7/10

4.  For the couple who drinks like fish

Drink: Negroni. This Italian classic is for grownups or those with a mature palate, and two glasses are usually enough to put you over the edge. It is an acquired taste, since it's bitter flavours really come through. Mmmm mmmm delish.

Recipe: Mix 1 oz gin, 1 oz Campari and 1 oz  Sweet red Vermouth in a glass, add ice and garnish with an orange peel. 

Strength rating: 8.5/10

5. For the couple who wants to get elegantly wasted

Drink: Rusty Nail. Caution: This is the kind of drink that will blow your socks off, thanks to the double-punch combo of Scotch and Drambuie, a 40% ABV liqueur made from scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices. Raaawwwrrr!

Strength rating: 10/10


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