Dance Your Way To Selena Gomez’s Side

Being BFFs with the popstar might be a shake and a twirl away


Hasn’t it been a great year for pop music here? First, the queen herself Madonna made Singapore one of the stops for her Rebel Heart Tour in May, and soon we’ll play host to Selena Gomez this coming 27 July for her Revival Tour.

We bet true blue Selena Gomez fans would have gotten their concert tickets by now, but how about a chance to meet the popstar in person?

Enter Cornetto’s Dance Revival Machine. Built to ‘encourage self-expression’ through dance and music like Gomez does, it looks a lot like the popular ’90s Dance, Dance Revolution machines we see at game arcades, except better because there are bigger prizes to be won.

Here’s how it works: Catch the Dance Revival Machine as it travels around Singapore between 4 June to 9 July.

Once you’re in the machine, you’ll have to complete a series of dance moves shown on a screen, set to Gomez’s Hands To Myself. You’ll then be rewarded with a maximum of three Cornetto Royale Chocoluv ice cream cones. Don’t be lazy — how many cones you win depends on how accurate and energetic your dance is!

If you’re wondering why you would want to go through all that trouble for a couple of ice cream cones (besides it being delicious, of course), here’s the catch. There are a total of seven ice cream cones dispensed from the Dance Revival Machine that have golden lids. Those entitle you to a pair of top-tier concert tickets, plus one Meet & Greet pass to see the popstar in the flesh.

Now, if you’re not big on dancing in public, you can also score fun prizes just by buying the new limited edition Cornetto Royale Chocoluv or Royale Red Velvet ice creams — they’re wrapped in Selena Gomez’s world tour artwork so you can’t miss it in stores.

Each cone, tub or multi-pack comes with a unique code which you can enter on Cornetto’s site to win exclusive merchandise (t-shirts and caps) and if you’re lucky, tickets and Meet-and-Greet passes as well.

For more information on the Cornetto Dance Revival Machine, head to Cornetto’s website or Facebook page.

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