Chope Your Next Hawker Centre Table With This

And subtly broadcast a message about climate change at the same time


Attention, CBD folks - choping your table with a plebeian pack of tissues is no longer cool. What’s kosher now: Using revolutionary ones that champion eco-change.

Singapore-based start-up NooTrees (say “noh-trees”) has created just such a product, and bang on time too: According to a report by World Watch magazine, some 27,000 trees are currently being cut down daily to produce enough toilet paper to wrap around the Equator 118 times.

That means every time you use regular tissues, toilet paper or wet wipes, you’re helping to fan the fires of deforestation, global warming and more #sghaze, since they’re made from wood pulp that takes years to degrade (wet wipes have also been known to clog up sewage networks). 

The NooTrees ones, on the other hand, are made from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo that disintegrates in about 45 days in a landfill. What’s also cool about them: They’re stronger, naturally hypo-allergenic and affordable.

This eco-friendly range includes facial tissues, toilet paper, cleansing wipes and wet wipes – all made using BPA-free virgin bamboo pulp or spun-lace bamboo fibre. Also check out the special range of moisturising wipes with added essential oil for relaxation, and anti-ageing wipes with Q10, peptides and antioxidants.

Available at major retailers nationwide and here from 1 October.

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