Broadway Beng Has A Proposal For You

It’s his 10th anniversary and you won’t be disappointed


Have you heard? Singapore’s favourite stage-grabbing, Hokkien-speaking Broadway Beng is back! 

It’s not just any comeback, either - the iconic character, played by thespian Sebastian Tan, will be celebrating his 10th anniversary, and boy, has he brought out the big guns.

This year’s show will be at the newly revamped Capitol Theatre, a far (and far more opulent) cry from BBeng’s humble beginnings at a small theatre along Robertson Walk.

And he won’t be alone on stage. For the first time ever, BBeng will be joined by a band of chio bus (or pretty women), played by singer-actress Chriz Tong, up-and-coming theatre star Frances Lee, and YouTube star and actress Munah Bagharib.

Together, they’ll keep you singing, dancing and laughing as they perform new Hokkien melodies and old favourites like Bring Him Home and I Am What I Am, alongside lots and lots of belly-aching jokes.

Need more reasons to see the show? Let the Beng convince you himself.

“It’s my 10th anniversary and you’ll get to see me bare my soul (think naked), bare my voice (think naked and breathtakingly beautiful), and even bare my sexilicious body (think naked and I’m working on it). I’m bringing sexy back, so be prepared to get up close and personal with the sensitive new age man behind Broadway Beng…me! It’ll be an intimate performance. So intimate that you’ll be within the splash zone of my spit!”

We’ll take one ticket, please.

Broadway Beng: 10th Anniversary Concert opens 14 July. Tickets from Sistic here or call 6348-5555.

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