Being Ben & Narelle: Part 2

What do the Khengs get up to during their downtime? Sneak a peek in this week-long series


Met the siblings’ canine company yet? Narelle introduces the furry pair today. Meanwhile, Ben lets up on his fave brunch spot (OMG, who would’ve thought him a café hunter!) and what he usually orders there. No stalking, now. 


“Guardians of House Kheng, Lords of Poop with the ability to spread fur across the 7 Khengdoms.

Fun fact: The real guardian of the house is that little thing. Day 645 and I’m pretty sure Ben still thinks it’s a hamster. I haven't corrected him yet.” 


“Brunch at Breko’s (Holland Village) is my absolute jam. I hate to admit it but I’m becoming a coffee haunt hunter. I usually wouldn’t swear by chicken cordon bleu but it’s such a masterpiece there.” 

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