Being Ben & Narelle: Part 1

What do the Khengs get up to during their downtime? Sneak a peek in this week-long series


Just like ELLE (excuse the #humblebrag), homegrown band The Sam Willows’ Narelle and Benjamin Kheng are everywhere: In magazines and newspapers; at the top of the iTunes charts; on social media (together they have almost 200,000 Instagram followers).

Yet, despite this omnipresence, one gets a sense that the 20-something siblings are somewhat private souls.

After interviewing the pair for the September issue of ELLE, features editor Michelle Bong shared, “Ben is the animated charmer, but it’s apparent he’s an old soul who can be sensitive and withdrawn. Narelle’s quieter and more of an introvert, though when the occasion calls for it, she certainly sparkles.”

So we were overjoyed when the Khengs agreed to do this week-long web series that will document a more private side of their lives - one that the public hardly gets to see. (As a fervent fan put it, “The first thing I want to know is, what do they eat?”) Here’s the first dispatch.



"Stealing some time to refuel my tank between appointments and classes and this is my go-to for a quick bite - the deep-dish beef pie from Starbucks. I'm actually a massive creature of habit so I always order the same thing and I also strangely enough always go back to the same toilet cubicles..."


"If you couldn't tell already, we're big shutterbugs. I'm rarely out without my DSLR tucked in my bag somewhere; I'm on a 50mm 1.4f lens so it's mostly for portraits of people. I leave the scenic shots for the iPhone camera :P"

Look out for Part 2 of the series tomorrow!

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