Are Your Social Media Habits Messing With Your Love Life?

Here are some habits to quit - pronto


Social media has become such a big part of our lives that some days we can't imagine ever having lived without it. But while it can bring us closer to others within our families or social circles, it can also be what pushes everyone else away.

According to the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior & Social Networking, people who use Facebook more than once a day are more likely to have social media-related relationship conflicts. What's more, these have a significant correlation with cheating, breaking up, or getting divorced.

In your haste (read: commitment) to document almost every single waking moment of your day, are you pushing your man away? Here are three red flags to look out for.

1. You're both on your phones and not talking

You know the feeling - sometimes, it feels like you and your mobile are Siamese twins joined at the palm. While it can be very tempting to share how you're having an amazing plate of waffles or that you're seeing the most beautiful sunrise of your life - it doesn't make sense to do it at the expense of ignoring your partner who is waiting to start eating or cuddle as you both take in the golden rays.

2. You're getting information from each other through posts, instead of conversation

You know how they say communication is very important between a couple? Well, it's true. And by that, I mean the verbal kind, where there is discussion and the sharing of feelings. So start talking, guys.

3. You're oversharing

Ok, so you're totally amazed by the surprise gift of sexy lingerie he presented you with and the fact that you both have matching tatts on the inner thigh. But is that really a reason to post pics of those things? Remember, TMI applies - even in the age of social media.


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