Are You Aware Of These WhatsApp Tricks?

Because speed-typing and using emojis does not make you a true messaging pro


You practically have it open all day long on your mobile phone, but do you know how powerful IM chat app WhatsApp really is? We've rounded up 8 useful tips just for you.

#1 Stay private

Are those little blue ticks causing your friendships to tested, because you don't respond to messages immediately? We have eight words for you: Access Privacy via Settings and disable Read Receipts.

#2 Keep annoying messages further away from you

Been added to various chat groups, and tired of waking up to over 100 unread messages? Tap on the offending group chat, pull up Group Info and Mute the chat. You have an option of eight hours, one week or a year. You'll still receive messages, but your phone will get much less of a workout pinging you.

At the same time, there are group chats you actually care about. Tap on those to bring up Group Info and then go to Custom Notifications. Select a custom message alert tone for them, so you know when to be excited and when to just go about what you were doing.

#3 Lock down appointments instantly

Ever notice that when you make plans on a chat and key in a date, it's automatically highlighted in blue and underlined, even though you use words like "today" or "tomorrow"? There's a reason for that; tap and hold on that date or word and you'll be prompted to add it to your calendar. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

#4 Keep your besties closer

Android users, listen up! There are certain people you WhatsApp with a lot more than others. Rather than delve into the app, create a shortcut to specific chats on your mobile desktop, for faster access. Simply tap and hold on the chat (group or individual) of your choice, and a tab will pop up with some options including "Add Conversation Shortcut". That chat will appear as the person's profile photo. 

#5 Don't unintentionally ignore friends

This is a familiar scenario: Someone sends a message, which you read but don't reply yet. When you finally remember, you have to open each message to locate the person. Avoid this by swiping right on the chat, which pulls up an "Unread" box. Tap on it and a blue dot will appear as a visual reminder for you to get back to it when you're available.

#6 Don't put it all out there

When a text comes in, not only do you get pinged, but many times, part of it is there on your screen. When you're alone, it's fine. When you're at work, and your phone's on your desk, chances are high the message will accidentally get read. This can be terrible - especially if you're trying to plan a surprise party. Stop this by going to Settings, then Notifications, then tap on WhatsApp and select the "Banner" option. This way, messages that come in briefly flash up and then disappear, instead of staying on your home screen till they are accessed.

#7 Find important info more easily

Don't spend precious minutes scrolling endlessly through a chat to find an address or details you need urgently. Start bookmarking! Double tap on any message and tap on the star icon to mark it. To call it up when you need it, tap on the chat again and look for Starred Messages. It'll pull up the details, pronto. This is only available to iOS users.

#8 Go big or go home

It can get tiresome to SMS, especially when you type so much faster on a keyboard. At work, save yourself the hassle but enabling WhatsApp chatting on the web. At your phone's Settings page,tap on WhatsApp Web. Enter "" on your browser and scan the QR code that appears using your phone. Bam - everything's instantly larger too. Just be sure to hide the chat window from prying eyes.


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