Apple's New Emojis Are On Their Way

And they're all about embracing diversity


Over a hundred new and redesigned emoji characters will be available to iPhone and iPad users in the months to come. Packaged along with iOS 10, the emojis promise gender options for existing characters, including sporty incarnations such as a female basketballer, mountain biker and even weightlifter.

Also look out for redesigns of popular emoji; for instance, the gun is gone, replaced by a cute water pistol. There's also a new rainbow flag and family options Single Dad and Single Mum.

Beyond these, we're also loving the new features that will be introduced; a QuickType word suggestion bar will suggest an emoji based on the word you’re typing. In Messages, emojis will be three times bigger if you send them solo.  And an Emojify feature will highlight words that can be replaced by emojis; . simply switch to the emoji keyboard, tap on them and automatically enjoy more interesting chats!

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