Ahoy There! Swanbots In Our Reservoirs

Researchers at NUS have created possibly the most elegant machine around


Don’t be fooled by appearances — life-like as it looks, this swan isn't a living creature but a robot invented by researchers from the National University of Singapore to assess water quality in catchment areas.

Designed to blend in seamlessly with the environment, it and and its mates have together been christened the scholarly-sounding NUSwans. 

They're appropriately smart machines too, having been programmed to work autonomously and paddle back to base for a recharge when the power level dips. Each bird is also built tough enough to survive perils in the water, such as collisions with kayaks and other small boats.

Talk about function meeting form — these swanbots are power-, time- and cost-efficient, and on top of all that, look elegant. Keep a lookout for them the next time you visit a reservoir (some folks have reported seeing them at Pandan) but remember not to throw them a crumb or two.

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