A Look Inside The National Gallery

Get a sneak peek at Singapore’s largest arts venue ahead of its unveiling


When plans were announced a decade ago for a new art museum to be housed in the Supreme Court and City Hall, we had an inkling it was going to be impressive. Now, on the brink of its official opening in November, we’re pretty darn sure it will be.

Covering 64,000 square metres, the National Gallery will house the world’s largest collection of South-east Asian artwork and be Singapore’s biggest visual arts venue yet. 

The task to transform the buildings into an inspiring space for art was a challenging yet exciting one involving a total of 111 design submissions. Among these, a proposal from Studio Milou Architecture (in co-operation with CPG Consultants) was selected for its outstanding vision.

Has the studio’s work lived up to the nation’s expectations? You be the judge ahead of the gallery’s unveiling - here’s a sneak peek inside.

A concave canopy of filigree’d gold metal and glass hangs over the entrance.

Sunlight filters through to an airy atrium.

The new roof is supported by tree-like structures that don’t interfere with the existing interiors of the buildings.

An underground gallery links the Supreme Court to City Hall.

The floor tiles and the timber ceilings were among the original features that were preserved.

This former courtroom of the Supreme Court is now a grand gallery.

Photos: Studio Milou Architecture, Darren Soh, National Gallery

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