A Light To Help You Sleep Tight

This high-tech bulb will brighten any insomniac’s life


Holî, a European company that makes high-tech lighting devices, has introduced a smart system that promises to harness the science of light to help us snooze better. The concept of using artificial light as a sleep aid is unusual, especially when it’s known to mess with our sleep.

Here’s how the product, named the SleepCompanion, works: It combines a smart light bulb with a mobile app to analyse your sleep patterns and provide personalised advice. Adjustment capabilities tailor the light and wavelengths emitted according to the hour of the day, so the bulb can dim gradually to lull you to sleep at night, and work vice versa in the morning. This tweaks the body’s melatonin and energy levels so that we fall asleep easier and wake up in a gentler manner — on the right side of the bed, figuratively speaking! 

When paired with fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone Up, the gadget can even record the ambient noise, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the room to nail down why exactly you are losing sleep. Alas, at US$99.99 from Amazon, the SleepCompanion isn't just the smartest bulb in the box, but also one of the priciest.

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