9 Chic Ways To Boost The Feng Shui Of Your Work Desk

No tacky crystals or ugly figurines, we promise


From sticking coins onto your calculator to placing a table lamp on your work desk, the things that we are willing to do for good luck or wealth are bizarre and varied.  

We are game to try a few of these techniques, but here’s the problem — feng shui accents are typically gaudy and cheap-looking, sticking out like sore thumbs among our carefully curated desk accessories. 

Is there a chicer way to go about it? We seek out classier alternatives that don’t make it so obvious that you’ve actually feng shui-ed your desk to extremes. 

Follow this placement guide:

1. Relationships – back right corner

2. Creativity – centre right

3. Helpful contacts – front right corner

4. Recognition and reputation – back centre

5. Health – middle centre

6. Career – front centre

7. Wealth – back left corner

8. Family – centre left

9. Knowledge – front left corner

Source: Whole Living

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