8 Yummy Jell-O Shots To Make This Weekend

Sugar meets booze - need we say more?  


You know how they say the hardest part of any journey is the first step? Well, the same goes for alcohol. In my books, the hardest part of any wild night is the first shot – especially if we’re talking about tequila.

True story: I have a love-hate relationship with alcohol. There are the pros of course, like an almost-immediate boost of confidence and a sudden ability to dance. The taste of straight liquor however, is a major con.  Liquid death, I call it.    

After a couple of shots, you somehow tend to stop tasting anything, but that’s only if you can get that far. You know what I mean – the terribly pungent hold-back-a-gag kind of bitterness that burns on the way down gets a bit too much. My face gets all scrunched up, my eyes get teary and I make weird sounds while sticking my tongue out (what? I have to cope, ok!). It’s not very classy, I’ve been told. 

Thankfully for those of you out there like myself,  milder, tastier Jell-O shots exist. They give us all the deliciousness of our favourite desserts and the buzz you’d get from a couple of JD and Cokes. Perfection. I could down these all day (if we lived in a parallel universe where it was appropriate to, of course) – and that says a lot coming from me. So what are you waiting for? Your Saturday night’s about to get a whole lot better. 

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