8 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Dreams

And you thought they were already strange enough


Whether you enjoy having them or not, dreams are totally bizarre experiences. And in case you think you don’t have them — well, everyone dreams; it’s whether or not you can remember yours.

In fact, a person can have up to seven dreams a night. That could explain why you wake up feeling so tired despite clocking a full night of shut-eye. And here are some other dream facts that will open your eyes:

1. You only remember a dream if you wake up in the midst of it

This explains the point we mentioned above.

2. Spicy foods may help you remember more dreams

They don’t actually give you more dreams, but they’ll increase the frequency of dream recall because they’re more likely to cause you to wake up in the middle of the night.

3. Some people dream in colour, others in black-and-white

This study says that it’s dependent on the TV exposure you get in your early childhood, which means you’re more likely to dream in colour than your grandparents.

4. There’s a gender divide in terms of the content of dreams

Women tend to dream about emotions, relationships and family members, while men dream more about violence, cars and sex with strangers. Well. No big surprise there.

5. You can control your dreams

Some people believe that, with practice, you can take charge of your dreams. Called lucid dreaming, this is often described as an “out-of-body” experience, in which a person “wakes up” in the middle of a dream, then takes control of where it goes next.

6. When you dream, your body is paralysed

Brain chemicals kick into action when we’re in REM sleep mode and “paralyse” your muscles to prevent your body from acting out the scenarios that are taking place in your head.

7. You can’t read or tell time in your dreams

We’ve all experienced that moment when we’re not quite sure if we’re still stuck in a dream or actually awake. Here’s how you can do a quick check – by trying to read something or tell the time.

8. The longest dreams (ranging from 30 to 45 min) you have typically happen in the morning

Which gives you another reason to sleep in on weekends.

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