8 Things We Love About French Men

There’s much the local guy can emulate, bien sûr


A lot has been said about French men: They’re habitually late, they’re incorrigible flirts and they drink waaayyy too much. But at the same time, there’s so much to love about them! Let us count the ways.

#1 Their sexy accent

He can say “Please take out the trash, it smells like a pig farm in here” and make it sound like a come-hither invitation. The melodious lilt of their mother tongue is especially appealing in the presence of candles or confined spaces. If you know what we mean.

#2 They cook

Food is something French men take very seriously, and one of the indispensable pleasures of life to be enjoyed. As a result, many of them cook - and cook well, at that. So weekend lie-ins may come with brunch in bed. 

#3 They take pride in dressing well

Classic looks are the French man’s staple: Neutral colours are usually preferred for everything from Breton shirts to well-cut pants. Slim-fit blazers and Barbour jackets are even more reasons we love being seen with a Frenchman.

#4 They appreciate culture

Museums, galleries, art films - chances are high that these are what you’ll enjoy on a date. The French are a cultured people, and it shows. He may want to watch a lot of football, but also he knows his Monet from his Matisse.

#5 They celebrate romance 

To a Frenchman, love is very important and he’ll woo you like no other. Deeply romantic, he believes in taking the time to know someone, in being passionate, in saying “I love you” at the drop of a hat. If you date him, your name will automatically become mon chéri. Stingy as they may seem sometimes, they’ve also been known to shower the object of their affection with gifts and getaways.

#6 They equate learning with travel

Material possessions are something French guys are likely to sniff at - they’re much more interested in travelling, gaining life experiences and seeing things first-hand. This opens their minds to being men of the world, and skews their global view to reflect a great balance between craving adventure yet being mindful of cultures.

#7 They have good taste

Maybe it’s their DNA, but nine times out of 10, French men have an elegance about them. It may not solely be reflected in the way they dress, but also how they’re able to pick out a nice restaurant, or fantastic music for their iTunes library. 

#8 They love a healthy discussion 

In the same way they appreciate fine wine, French men love good conversation. Generally well-read with a real interest in a wide range of topics, they are happy to discuss politics, philosophy and everything in between. Witty and charming, they love banter as well.

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