8 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life

Good job, you


When things go wrong, it’s easy to let negativity and resentment gnaw at us. It may seem like we’re not going places, but more often than not, we’re at a better place than we thought we were. Don’t believe us? Here are eight signs that point towards you living a better life than you thought.

1. You can be happy for others’ successes

Face it, we’re all competitive. When someone else does well, there’s a tendency to feel like you don’t measure up. But when you give credit where credit is due, you create your own impending victories, simply by your show of support.

2. You know that complaining is for wimps, so you avoid it

We all need to vent — but there should be a limit. Remind yourself that you have so much to be thankful for. We live more comfortably than many, and should be more grateful for little luxuries like air-conditioning.

3. You don’t play the victim card

We all live by the choices we make — so when things go wrong, quit the finger-pointing. Successful people refuse to let bad life experiences get them down. 

4. You consciously try to be generally positive

Life isn’t always fair, and there can be times when disappointments get a little overwhelming. But no negative experience is ever wasted as long as you pick yourself up and learn from it.

5. You have passions that you pursue

There’s a reason why life-long learning is lauded. An endless amount of knowledge is waiting to be discovered, and this naturally leads to growth and a genuine desire to get more out of each day.

6. You’re not afraid to fail

We all try to avoid failure but sometimes, we can’t pull off a task or complete an assignment. Rather than see it as a setback, seek a little introspection, and then approach things differently the next time.

7. You don’t care what other people think

You know you can’t please everyone, so you don’t. Doing so saves you unnecessary stress and angst. Do your best, and stay focused on your goals and convictions.

8. You accept what you can’t change

Some things can never be within your control. The only thing you can manipulate is how you react to situations. So be smart about things. Allow yourself the chance to change things, but know where to draw the line and move on.

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