8 Best Parodies Of Adele’s “Hello”

They’re ALMOST better than the original recording


As we say “hello” to a brand new year, we thought it would be apt to put a smile on your face (it will take your mind off the hangover you’re nursing) with a little help from Adele.

The Brit songbird had arguably the biggest hit of 2015 with the melancholic ballad, Hello. The track, which dropped on 23 October last year, gave Adele the No 1 spot in 28 countries...and us numerous hilarious parodies.

Here’s a round-up of the best spoofs it has spawned so far, because they’re so worth watching.

#1 Adele calls Ellen

#2 Star Wars

#3 Adele calls Liam Neeson

#4 Mr Bean’s phonecall

#5 Adele calls Lionel Richie

#6 Scream 

#7 Sir David Attenborough’s narration

#8 Adele calls Lady Gaga

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