8 Awesome Products You Can Make With Instagram Pictures

From oil paintings to nail foils!


If you're an Instagram addict like us, this round-up is made for you. Beautiful images are great for admiring on your devices, but isn't it better if you can bring them to life? Here are some of the most amazing, unique services that serve the sole purpose of making your snaps last a little longer.

Immortalise your ‘gram in an oil painting   

Getting Instagram pictures printed on canvas is child’s play compared to this service by Pixelist, which taps on a collective of about 30 artists in Xiamen, China to create oil paintings based on your photo. You can even request for further customisation, such as tweaking the colour scheme, or highlighting something specific in the picture. Prices start from USD149 (approx. $202) for a 12 x 12-inch painting.


Photo: Pixelist

Turn your pictures into a unique manicure

Kickstarter success NailSnaps lets you rock a truly one-of-a-kind manicure by turning any image you want into custom nail art. Simply download its free app, upload the photo of your choice and NailSnaps will print the photo onto 20 high-quality nail wraps, which you can then peel and stick onto your digits. Prices start from USD19 (approx. $25.80).


Photo: NailSnaps

Show off your snaps from a tiny slide projector

Remember how Mad Men’s Don Draper and Megan Calvet used a slide projector to share vacation pictures with their friends? You can now do the same thanks to Projecteo, an online service that creates a wheel of slides with your Instagram pictures. Simply pick nine of your best shots and Projecteo will print them onto a single piece of 35-mm film, to be inserted into a tiny device that will project the photos onto the wall for everyone in the room to see. Prices start from USD39.98 (approx. $54.25).


Photo: Projecteo

Create a mosaic wall

ImageSnap helps you create ceramic tiles that are custom-printed with your images – choose from different dimensions from the teeny 2 x 2-inch to slab-sized 12 x 12-inch. A mosaic wall featuring your gorgeous food shots in the new kitchen, maybe? Prices start from USD4 (approx $5.40) per tile.


Photo: ImageSnap

Make museum-quality prints

Think your photographs are good enough to be art? Now you can transform your travel photos into real, framed fine art prints at MemoriesLab. Choose your best image to be printed on museum-grade Baryta photographic paper from Hahnemühle, a 432-year-old German manufacturer of fine art paper. According to the website, the gallery-worthy print will last more than 95 years – which means even your grandkids will be able to admire your Eiffel Tower shot. Prices start from USD270 (approx. $366).


Photo: MemoriesLab

Customise a device case

Design your own phone case or tablet sleeve at Snupped, an online store that allows you to upload your own pictures (including your favourite Instagram snaps!) for customisation. What sets this local start-up apart from other services is its sustainable business model – Snupped practises small-scale manufacturing, which means it only produces items after you’ve placed an order, thereby reducing waste. Prices start from $34 for a phone case.


Photo: Snupped

Preserve memories in an actual photo album

We all love taking travel pictures, but how often do you look at them again? Instead of leaving them on your phone or computer, use Blurb to make a photo book with the digital images. With customisable features, such as soft or hard cover, and a variety of template layouts that will turn your memories into a gorgeous coffee table book, you’ll definitely be tempted to document all the special occasions in your life. Prices start from USD14.99 (approx. $20.30) for a soft cover book.


Photo: Blurb

Flaunt your favourite pictures on the fridge

This one’s gonna be a hit with your mum: Choose nine of your favourite family pictures for Origrami to print onto 5 x 5-cm square photo magnets – a unique addition to her fridge magnet collection! Bonus points for free shipping and the super cute vintage camera folder that comes with the magnets. Prices start from AUD14.95 (approx. $15.40).


Photo: Origrami

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