7 Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Something

Every ping or ache could be a health warning


Your body has been designed to send little signals to let you know that a little change of lifestyle habits is in order, so it;'s best not to ignore them. Here's a roundup of 8 common issues.

1. Twitching eyelid

You may have felt it before, that fluttering sensation at the bottom of your eye. Stress is a likely cause, as is eye strain from excessive use of the computer. If the twitching is persistent, it could be a more serious underlying problem linked to your vision.

2. Twitching lip

Not to be confused with trembling, this occurs when muscles around your lips contract suddenly. the likely cause could be either withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes or the excess consumption of coffee, sodas, caffeine pills, or chocolate. It could also be due to fatigue or stress.

3. Chills

Not to be confused with the onset of the flu, this is more to do with always feeling cold and needing a sweater while everyone else around you doesn't. You could be having an underactive thyroid issue - especially if you also feel tired all the time and your face is puffy.

4. Constant fatigue

If you're sleeping well, it could be a case of your body being overworked to protect you from the toxic overload that comes from a diet of processed foods, cigarettes or alcohol. You may also be experiencing fatigue because your thyroid is not functioning properly.

5. Dry eyes

You may think it's because you're always staring at the computer or extended use of your contact lenses, but it could be linked to hyperthyroidism or an autoimmune disease, like lupus. Consuming too much alcohol can also dry eyes out.

6. Bowel movements only once a day

It's official: your bowels are healthy if they move after every meal. that's because healthy bowels consistently eliminate  toxins and make room for new nutrition. When this fails to happen, you get constipated and toxins can seep through the lining of the bowel, enter the bloodstream, and cause a slew of health issues.

7. Cracked lips at the corner of your mouth

Sorry to break it to you, but you have cheilitis, which is a prelude to illnesses relating to anaemia. Your body needs more B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, a nutrient that helps keep your body's nerve and blood cells healthy. Load up on more greens, lean meat and eggs!

Photos: health.com

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