6 Unexpected Signs Of Dehydration

Get glugging before things take a serious turn


It’s 36 degrees outside while the air-con’s blasting at Arctic temperatures in the malls and your office. Going from one to the other will seriously sap your body of hydration if you aren’t conscientiously topping up on H2O hourly.

Besides thirst, dehydration can bring on a whole lot of discomfort in your body. Here are some signs that you should be downing water more regularly.

1. You are not sweating

When there’s not enough water in your body, naturally, less sweat is produced. Here’s why it’s not a good thing — sweating is a mechanism through which the body regulates its temperature, so if you don’t sweat as much needed during, say, a workout, you’ll be at risk of over-heating.

2. You keep falling sick

Dehydration affects your immune system. Healthline says that every tissue and organ in the body depends on water, which carries nutrients and minerals to cells, and keeps your mouth, nose, and throat moist — important for avoiding illness.

3. You get headaches

The tissues surrounding your brain are largely made up of water. When you don’t take enough H2O, they’ll shrink, putting extra pressure on your brain that could bring about a headache. A dehydration headache typically is accompanied by a tight sensation around the head, a dry mouth, fatigue and slight nausea.

4. You’re craving sugar

Health says that dehydration can mask itself as hunger, particularly sugar cravings. This may happen particularly if you've been exercising in a dehydrated state, since your body will use glycogen (stored carbohydrate) at a faster rate, thus diminishing your stores more quickly.

5. You’ve got bad breath

Funky breath is one of the more immediate signs of dehydration — we’re pretty sure you’ve experienced this. A couple of long swigs of water might get rid of it more effectively than popping mint after mint.

6. You’re grumpy

With all of the above happening at once, it’s no surprise that you’ve suddenly become Oscar the Grouch. You’d be surprised at how drinking a glass of water can brighten your mood quite speedily.

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