6 Things We Learned From Selena Gomez In Carpool Karaoke

There’s a surprising amount of wisdom packed into this millennial


We were beginning to think that Carpool Karaoke host James Corden couldn’t be fazed. Like, think about it. He’s outsung Adele, out-wigged Sia and even wrestled topless with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

But then the latest instalment of Carpool Karaoke happened, with Selena Gomez. And for the first time in the show’s history, we saw Corden struggling to hold it together. She even has him screaming in fright for a few seconds. (Millennials – they really are the most terrifying things alive.)

But in those 12 minutes and 11 seconds, we also gleaned some lessons from - and about - Gomez that are actually really cool. And they’re worth sharing. Here goes.

1. Gomez may be the most fun millennial on the planet

Most millennials are zombies (harsh, but true). Not Gomez though – she sings, dances, initiates fun activities with Corden and even engages in witty repartee. If we didn’t know her age (23 right now; 24 next month), we’d call her a Gen Xer.

2. She’s a superstar but is super grounded

When Corden throws her a “what is the moment in your life that you’ve thought ‘I’ve made it’” question, her totally unexpected reply is: “I feel like when you’re able to be kind of made fun of.” This girl has humility.

3. She eats McDonald’s…with gusto

We’re so tired of food snobbery and the whole organic/macrobiotic thing. Let’s be real, fast food is a part of many “real people’s” lives because it’s convenient, tasty and relatively inexpensive. It’s refreshing to see a celeb attack our favourite fries with relish (and what looks like barbeque sauce) - and without looking like she’s hung up on the calorie count.

4. Everyone needs a pair of hoop earrings

If it’s possible, hoop earrings even make ultra stylish Gomez look cooler. Think how much they could improve your ensemble!

5. Eating ginger in the morning helps

TBH, we’re not sure with what exactly, but according to Gomez, “it kills everything inside”. And hey, chewing on a piece (or chucking down a bottle of ginger juice) may just give you her awesome glow.

6. It doesn’t take a lot to inject some fun into your day

“Why don’t you have some fun before you go to work? You’re always working,” Gomez tells Corden. “It’ll be fast.” She’s right – a few pockets of fun can make a bad or humdrum day infinitely better. How much time do you need? Well, all it took was a two-minute rollercoaster ride to, uh, reinvigorate Corden.

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