6 Juice Recipes To Treat Your Body Inside & Out

Drink your way to a happier, healthier you


It’s no mystery that fruit and vegetable juices are good for us. They’re a delicious way to get all the vitamins, minerals and other goodies we need in a day, all in one cup. Plus, they make great natural remedies for all sorts of ailments.

Dull skin? Don’t worry about it. Stress getting to you? We’ve got an easy fix. Here some six refreshing combinations to treat some of everyone’s most common issues.

1. Combat ageing

Kale + carrots + celery + chia seeds

This concoction is chock-full of anti-ageing agents, like omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and beta-carotene (which converts into vitamin A and helps your body regenerate new cells). But be careful, because raw chia seeds can cause indigestion, so don’t blend them together with your kale, carrots and celery. Instead, soak them in water to puff them up then add them to your juice. 

2. Hydrate your body

Apple + cucumber + celery + orange + romaine lettuce

These fruits and veggies are mostly made of water (one head of romaine lettuce covers 16 per cent of your suggested daily water intake!), so if you’re feeling especially parched or dehydrated on a hot day, slurp this up. 

3. Clear your lungs

Carrot + apple + ginger

This is one juice you’ll want on speed-mix during the #sghaze season. The beta-carotene and vitamin C in carrots and apples are scientifically proven to improve lung functions and can reduce the risk of lung cancer.  And love it or hate it, ginger relieves congestion, improves circulation and reduces inflammation of the lungs so you can breathe better.

4. Boost your immune system

Tomatoes + celery + carrots + kale + cilantro + tabasco

A cocktail that’s good for the body? Yes, please. These fruits and vegetables are rich in various anti-oxidants and vitamins that keep your body strong and healthy. Complete your healthy Bloody Mary with a dash of tabasco for a little kick and garnish with a celery stalk. You might want to skip the vodka though.

5. Speed up weight loss

Green apple + grapefruit + mint + celery

Green apple, grapefruit and celery have proven to be effective in improving digestion and increasing your body’s metabolic rate, while mint is great for relieving bloated tummies. But don’t use this as a substitute for meals! Your body needs all seven major nutrients, from dietary fibre to fat, and there’s no shortcut way to weight loss, so take everything in moderation.

6. Stop stressing

Spinach + broccoli + celery + carrots

Stressed out? Instead of a chill pill, down this soothing blend. Spinach and celery, in particular, are packed with magnesium which helps regulate cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and promote happy feelings. If you’ve been passing over the broccoli since young, here’s a reason to start trying some now: The vegetable contains vitamin B and folic acid, which helps relieve anxiety and even depression.

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