6 Etiquette Rules That Will Help You Stay Classy

You’ll be surprised how many of these you may not know


Social etiquette can be a tricky thing - there are times when what we feel to be de rigueur turns out to be a faux pas of monstrous proportions. So how can we really be sure? Here are some standard no-no’s to be aware of.

#1 Leaving your phone on the table, especially on a date

Message sent: "You’re not as important to me as the next Snapchat or WhatsApp notification that may come in at any time." If you have no respect for your dining companion(s), why are you with them?

#2 Making your partner carry your bag

Message sent: "Look, I’m out with my male helper." Frankly, cute little clutches and trusty totes were created for women, so we should be the ones to carry them. He can show his love for you in other ways.

#3 Sliding into your seat with your back facing the people already sitting down

Message sent: "Not only am I late and inconveniencing you, here’my butt in your face." Like, doh.

#4 Placing your fork and knife in an inverted V when you've finished your meal

Message sent: "I'm still eating." Leave your cutlery aligned like the number 11 at an angle across the middle of your plate, if you’re done - this will signal the service staff that you’re ready for it to be cleared.

#5 Trying to pay for a meal when invited on a date

Message sent: "I don't need you to pay for my meal." We know a few fiery chicks who’ll debate this one - but generally, if someone has asked you out, let him/her pay for the both of you to ensure no egos get bruised.

#6 Finishing someone’s sentence

Message sent: "I don't really care what you have to say and besides, I can say it better." You’ll be surprised how many women are guilty of this. As much as you’ve already heard the joke and want to deliver the punchline, or you know exactly where things are leading to, don’t interrupt the flow of conversation. You’ll have fewer spotlight moments - but more friends.

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