6 Easy Hacks To Make Your Period Suck Less

Why didn’t we learn about them sooner?


We’re on a constant lookout for ways to make periods a less painful experience – from high tech gadgets that take away menstrual pain to switching up our beauty routines to prevent hormonal breakouts. Here are six more daily hacks that you can use to make your next period a more comfortable one!

Make ginger tea

Ginger is great for reducing inflammation and pain that makes your cramps unbearable. Make ginger tea by boiling pieces of peeled ginger with water and brown sugar

Drink less coffee

We know it’s futile to convince you to quit caffeine entirely, but your body will definitely thank you for cutting back on those lattes. Caffeine is known to cause your body to retain more water, which results in that dreaded bloated feeling, and worsens cramps.

Reach for some dark chocolate.

Yes, you heard us right. Dark chocolate (at least 65 percent) contains a healthy dose of magnesium, which helps to fight cramps.

Go for a long walk

It sounds counter-intuitive to exercise when all you want to do is curl up in bed and Netflix, but trust us – the endorphins that are released into your body when you exercise can help to counteract the nasty hormones that are causing your cramp pains.

Load up on spinach and kale

In other words, increase your iron intake! Other foods that you should eat during your period include fruits for a healthy digestive system and fibre-rich whole grains, which help to keep your period stay regular.

Learn how to make a DIY pad

Sometimes periods can be a jerk and show up when you least expect it. During an emergency, you can make a DIY pad by wrapping a piece of gauze (that you can swipe from any first aid kit) with toilet paper. Take another strip of toilet paper and wrap it around the gauze pad and your underwear to keep it from slipping around.

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