6 Crazy Celeb Memories Of Their Zouk Heydays

Happy 25th birthday to Singapore’s favourite club


Think of a Silver Jubilee – a.k.a. a 25th anniversary celebration – and all that comes to mind is stuff like wedding anniversaries and National Day parades, not dance clubs, right? But really, that’s only because such places hardly ever make it past the age of three, given the fickle nature of clubbers. Pfft.

So when a club hits that grand ol’ age, you can bet it’s reason to par-tay. That’s why Singapore’s favourite bopping ground is throwing a major bash (silver-themed, of course) this Saturday to herald its 25th.

Before you hit the dancefloor, check out the above memories from celebs on their favourite/craziest/most poignant experience there, then mull over your own (if you’re feeling brave, post it up on social media with the hashtag #ZoukSG25th).

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