6 Clever Ways To Use Leftover Wine

No, drinking's not one of them


So you invite your neighbours over for a hearty roast dinner and find, within yourself, the generosity to  open an expensive bottle of Cab Sav. 20 minutes later, it’s gone.  Opening a second bottle seems a tad too much, yet you go for it anyway. 

The next morning, you wake up to  half a bottle left on your counter top. Obviously, you're relieved you didn’t chug it all and call your ex, but now, you’re in a bit of a dilemma. What do you do next? Here are your options.

1. Poach fruit

Create a simple poaching liquid with wine, water, sugar, cinnamon sticks and a lemon peel. Once ithe mixtures comes to a boil, just dunk in some nectarines and let them simmer for 12 to 15 minutes. Leave the mixture to cool and then refrigerate the fruit and liquid for an hour. Voila! Dessert is sorted.

2. Make vino cubes

Pour leftover wine into an ice-cube tray and freeze it.  The next time you’re whipping up a stew or sauce, you can pop in a cube or two for extra flavour. Yummers.

3. Make jelly

Who says PB&J sandwiches can't be classy? Combine wine, pectin and sugar in a saucepan and make a sumptuous wine jelly. Add peanut butter and bread (crusts off)  for a satisfying snack.

4. Have a good soak

Run yourself a bath and add a glass or two of wine to it. Experts say this can help reduce wrinkles, shift cellulite and soften your skin! Such a practice is called vinotherapy and although it sounds a tad crazy, we hear it's really popular in Italy and France.

5. Remove other wine stains

An accidental push can lead to a jerk and then a slosh on your brand new white rug. It happens to the best of us. So what can you do about a nasty red wine spill? The answer may surprise you: Quickly pour white wine over it. This helps dissolve the anthrocyanin compounds that give red wine its colour and stain power. Gently blot the area with a clean cloth till the stain is gone.

6. Turn it into vinegar

 If you don't mind waiting a few months, your leftover wine or champagne can turn into the best vinegar you’ve ever had. Pour it into a jar with a wide opening, and coverwith a cheesecloth that's secured with a rubber band. Place it somewhere dark and warm, giving the container a shake every week or two, then wait to see the magic happen. 

Photo: thentreprenuer.com, maggianos.com 

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