6 Adult Colouring Books That Don’t Have Flowers Or Trees

Because sometimes nature does NOT make us feel zen


1. Swear Word colouring book

When you’re angry, colouring flowers and jungle cats is just not calming enough. That’s why we love this tome filled with fancy swear word typography created by UK artist Sarah Bigwood, for a much more cathartic stress relief experience.

Honestly, it’s also a great way to learn new swear words — ever heard of tw*t waffle?

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2. Scratch colouring book

Colouring in stuff not up your alley? Try scratching your way to a masterpiece instead. Created by South Korean design studio Lago, these landscape boards allow you to use a wooden pen instead of colour pencils to scratch out beautiful nightscapes from cities like London, Las Vegas and Hong Kong.

Besides being a great alternative to regular colouring books, the end product is something you’d actually hang up on your wall.

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3. Adult Life colouring book

When adult life gets too much to bear, sit down and try to get some laughs out of it instead. That’s what comedians Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen (check out their hilarious YouTube videos here) aim to do with Colouring for Grown-Ups.

Inside, find snarky, witty, and sometimes frighteningly-real observations of modern adult life through activities and colouring pages. Shades you’re suggested to have in your colour pencil collection include Moral Ambiguity Grey and Suspicious Cold Sore Red.

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4. Drinking colouring book

If there’s one thing that can make colouring a lot more fun (and adult-appropriate), it’s alcohol. Colour Me Drunk combines the two for a colouring book that you can use both when you’re sober or drunk and looking for something fun to do.

The first activity involves colouring in a bottle of beer whenever you have one in real life, until you hit 99. We say it serves as a good reality check too, especially if you find yourself completing it in a week.

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5. Heart Throb colouring book

This is one colouring book that will make you weak in the knees. Who wants to colour in flora and fauna when you can do it to Hollywood hotties?

Colour Me Swooooons’s pages are filled with the handsome mugs of Channing Tatum, Will Smith and George Clooney, among others. Ryan Gosling fans, there’s also a whole other colouring book dedicated to the star.

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6. Instagram colouring book

If you want a colouring book that really speaks to you, try Colour Me Book. The service takes your photos (from your own collection or Instagram) and transforms them into outlines that you can then colour in.

Fill it up with pictures of your pet, your best friend (it would make a great gift!), or yourself, the possibilities are literally endless.

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